Mmm. Mmm. No. Not So Good.

Have you heard about the new “certification” that will appear on Campbell’s Soup products in Canada?

As part of Campbell Canada’s commitment to diversity and extraordinary, authentic nourishment for all, our selection of Halal-certified products are here to help you meet your Islamic dietary requirements.

I don’t get it. They don’t certify their products for any other religion or dietary requirements do they?

After an extensive search on the Campbell’s Soup website, I couldn’t find anything listed as “Kosher”. What about diabetics? Shouldn’t they make “diabetic-certified” products as well?

Their own legend lists “Health Check”, for healthy foods I suppose. “Wholegrain” to list items with whole grains included (duh). “Full Serving of Vegetables”, yum! “Gluten-Free”, for those who have issues with gluten. “Less Sodium”, because too much sodium is deadly. And last (but apparently not least) “Halal-certified”, for the Muslim friends of Campbell’s Soup.

Ridiculous. Read more about Campbell’s Soup and the ISNA. You may just be surprised too.

So, why is Campbell’s Soup specifically catering to the “dietary requirements” of Muslims?

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