Where’s The Money From Your Wallet?

When you donate money to a non-profit organization, do you expect them to contribute some or all of your donation to another organization?

For instance, if you donated money to help find a cure for cancer, how would you feel if your money was sent to an organization that funded abortions? Well, if you have ever donated a penny to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, you have indirectly helped fund abortions.

The Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation has long denied that abortion plays any role in elevating the risk for women of contracting the deadly disease.

That’s despite a wealth of research over decades showing an average increased risk of about 40 percent for women having abortions compared to those who carry their pregnancy to term.

But the contributions Komen affiliates make to Planned Parenthood, which does more than 25 percent of all abortions in the United States and aggressively promotes abortion abroad, provide another sources of frustration for pro-life people who otherwise would support the group.

In a new interview with the Daily Caller, Komen spokesman John Hammarley provided the latest figures showing the link between the two groups.

He confirmed 20 of Komen’s 122 affiliates have made donations to Planned Parenthood and, last year, those contributions totaled $7.5 million — much higher than the $731,000 Komen’s figures on its web site showed earlier this year.

Ironically, as the donations from Susan G. Komen to Planned Parenthood increased significantly, breast cancer services provided by Planned Parenthood decreased by 4% while abortion procedures increased 6%.

I don’t know about you, but when I donate money to find a cure for breast cancer, I expect my donation to be used to help find a cure for breast cancer, not to fund the murder of innocent babies.

The next time you open your wallet to help those in need, make sure the organization you are supporting doesn’t funnel your money out the back door to another group you may not support.

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