It’s All Good

Good news and bad news. First, the good news…

This week we learned that JP Morgan Chase was temporarily halting foreclosures because of documentation that may contain errors. Basically, Chase is following GMAC’s lead in confirming they actually have all their ducks in a row before they throw people to the curb. Great news huh? Not so much, for us anyway.

Now the bad news…

This does not affect anyone living in the state of Georgia or any other state which allows non-judicial foreclosures. In other words, this temporary halt did not affect us. In fact, our old house was scheduled to sell, on the courthouse steps, yesterday.

I have no idea if it sold. I have no idea what happened. In fact, I haven’t even heard from Chase since August 12th, when they sent me the ridiculous letter that stated I could re-instate my loan if I paid it off in full.

Apparently, mortgage companies like Chase are halting foreclosures because there might be an issue with the paperwork trail that proves they own the note, but that apparently does not affect those of us who maintained our payments on our homes and did everything we were supposed to do.

Isn’t it funny that mortgage companies can admit there may be “procedural and paperwork errors” in foreclosure affidavits, but they deny there could be any procedural or paperwork errors when it comes to applying payments received from homeowners?

Before I get too long winded about this today, let me just say one thing.

It’s all good. We’ve moved on, we’ll pursue the matter after the fact. Chase will get what’s coming to them. We love our new house, and Chase can bite me.

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