My Temperature Is Rising

It’s sure getting cool outside, and quick.

Soon after moving into our new home last month we found out the furnaces were not working. We had a lot of trouble with the air conditioners, and the repair men said they would return to fix the furnaces. As of today they still haven’t returned.

Here’s a little history…

Last year, the house was vacant, and when it got cold outside, the pipes froze. As they thawed, the water pressure broke the pipes in even more places, and the entire downstairs was flooded. The insurance company paid over $50,000 for the repairs, and the house sat empty until we arrived.

The heating/air system was installed in November, and no one really tested it, I guess. Anyway, after fighting with ServPro (the contractors who did the repair work) and having some inept contractors show up to break the units even more, we called someone to come get the air working (when it was hot).

Now it’s getting cold, and well, the furnaces aren’t working. Thank God it’s not supposed to get cold for another week or so, but when it gets down to 40 at night, they better have my heat working… That’s all I have to say.

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