Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things

We had a nice visit this weekend with my sister. We spent the afternoons kicking back, and then I was put to work cooking. Yeah, it was nice to have good home cooked meals again.

We’ve been eating at home, but we’ve been making easy dinners while we moved, but now that we’re getting settled, it sure is good to break out the pots and pans and cook some good belly filling, rib-sticking food!

I’m still working on a few things around here, and we’re waiting for the heating and a/c guys to come back out and fix a couple things, but other than that, we should be set here at the new house.

Mowing the lawn is actually easier here than at our old house. At our old house, rocks seemed to surface in the lawn weekly. I mowed all two-acres here last week and never hit a rock. Oh the simple things in life…

Now that we’re getting settled again, I will have a couple weeks before I have to start moving my mother’s furniture and boxes, so I should be back on a regular writing schedule again.

I am not sure what I will write about first, but I am thinking of a piece on our statewide elections, and why more people should think about voting Libertarian this time around, no matter what their party affiliation. We’ll see.

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