Faith Formation Is Awesome

In all the hubbub with the move, I forgot to mention that I am attending a Faith Formation class at our church, and I am having a blast.

We’re studying The First and Second letters of Saint Paul to the Corinthians. We’re studying one chapter per week, and even though the second class isn’t until tomorrow night, I am already looking forward to it.

Paul is one of my favorite people. I am amazed by the journey his life took, his missionary journeys and the way he endured his imprisonment and ultimate death.

My spiritual journey has taken me 45 years and several thousand miles, and I’ll never be able to fill Paul’s shoes, but I value every step I have taken because it led me right to God’s grace.

Now I am off for the night to read a little bit, pray a little bit, and then rest, because I’ve only got three days after today and I should be done moving.

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