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I don’t have a lot of time tonight, so I am going to do some bulleted updates again.

  • For some reason my phone is dead today. Not my iPhone (thank God), but my landline phone. When I pick it up, there is nothing, no dial tone. When I call it, I get a recording that the number has been temporarily disconnected. Wonderful. I know the bill is paid (just made sure today), so there is no reason for the phone to be out.
  • I think ComCast is eating my email. I have sent several emails this week, and I haven’t received any replies. In fact, one customer has informed me they never received my emails. I guess I am going to have to call ComCast and find out why my outgoing emails seem to be getting lost in the void known as the Internet.
  • I’ve re-started RoCaBaP, although I am not posting too much yet, as we’ve been real busy moving.
  • Speaking of the move. The movers did an outstanding job. They moved all my heavy stuff in a little under two hours. Now the garage at our new house is completely packed and we have no idea what we’re going to do with everything.
  • Our new house has a tankless water heater. We thought it was cool, until it started turning off right in the middle of us using it. Whenever I want to take a shower, the silly thing is off and I have to reset it. It’s a Paloma system. Anyone have any idea why it keeps “locking up”?

One final note. The bank finally listed our old house in the newspaper under the foreclosures, but we’ve yet to receive any additional paperwork since August 12th. Keeping with tradition, they are being schmucks.

Have a great night!

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