In Search Of… Dryer Vents?

Okay, so that was weird.

In addition to the “missing” phone jacks, we discovered today that the dryer vent was also covered when they put up the new sheetrock during the renovation. How funny is that?

Each time we discover all this cazy stuff, we simply laugh, because it could be much worse. Much, much, worse. We love our new home, and we are willing to “work out the kinks” as we get settled.

The A/C guys were here today, and it seems we’ll be “sweating it out” until Monday, so it should be an interesting weekend as we move more stuff. I can’t believe how much we have moved, and how much more we still have waiting to move.

I am exhausted, so that’s it for tonight. I wonder what else I will discover as I travel through the house in search of my bed?

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