If You Want It, You Clean It!

If you want things done correctly, apparently you have to do them yourself.

Remember yesterday when I mentioned that my DVR functions were not working. It turns out, after 3 hours with tech support at ComCast, that my DVR is not functioning correctly because the box the installer put in yesterday isn’t even a DVR box. It’s a plain ol’ cable box. Ugh.

The best part of the story? I can either wait 7-10 days for a service call, or I can drive an hour each way to replace the unit. Since I want it now, and I was supposed to have two in the first place, I will drive up there tomorrow and get the box replaced and pick up the second box while I am there. I will not miss my shows. <>

We still have a lot of stuff to move from the old house. It’s like moving four different “places. Our home, our school, my business, and my wife’s business. I am tired of moving already, but we still have a lot of items to get moved.

The best part of moving though, is the fact we don’t have to clean. That’s right. If the bank wants my house that bad, and they want to screw me over to get it, they can clean it when they take it.

I am hoping to have enough moved by tomorrow night, that I will be ready to start working “regularly” on Monday. I have been working on a couple smaller projects in the evenings, but I need to get back to doing more each day. Pray that everything falls into place by Monday morning (if not, then by Tuesday morning at least).

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