Connection Fees, Oh Please!

Today was the day for all of the utilities to be connected, and what a day it was…

I had them all scheduled from 8 am to 11 am. All of them showed up before noon, except one, so that wasn’t so bad.

The cable guy was the first one to show up. He spent about an hour working outside on the wires from the pole to our house, and then another hour connecting the internet and then the cable box. About 40 minutes into the “inside” time, I caught him chatting on Skype. He said it was his way of communicating with his dispatcher, but he sure finished up quickly after I caught him.

He gave me a brief overview of the new cable remote, and told me it would take 4 hours for the cable box to finish “setting up”. It turns out, it never did. Here I sit at almost midnight and I cannot access the DVR functions. That sucks.

The gas guy, aka “Mr. Lazy Pants”, showed up second. He made sure the gas was on, and not leaking. No leaks, that was good. He made sure the stove and oven were working, and he bled the line for the tankless water heater. It took me 2 hours after he left to get the tankless water heater working because he didn’t finish bleeding the line.

He refused to go into the attic to check the upstairs unit, and I never saw him crawl under the house to check the downstairs unit. Instead, he informed me that the furnaces were not working and I needed to call the heating and air guys. What a dweeb.

The phone guy was the last to show up, an just 5 minutes before he showed up we realized we have no phone jacks in the house. None. There is a phone box on the side of the house, and wires running under the house in the crawlspace, so when they did the renovation work on this place, someone forgot to put in the phone jacks.

He wanted to charge me $110 per line to run them into the house. I told him to make sure the phone numbers were working to the box and I will run my own lines. I still don’t know why I have to pay a $46 connection fee, if I am technically not connected yet. Forget that noise.

All in all it was a good day, I just hope I get everything working by tomorrow.

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