Anxious To Move

Today was a great day! We couldn’t resist making a trip to the new house. We had planned on renting a PODS unit to load everything up and then have it delivered to the house, but it turns out we’re probably going to “truck it”, since we’ve already made a couple loads today and we are planning to make some more tomorrow.

Posting may, or may not, be a little on the light side if we get carried away moving this week. Although we have until the end of the month, we’re all a bit antsy to get moved in and kiss the memories of this house goodbye.

Gidget and I had our first RCIA class tonight, and it was much more exciting than I thought it was going to be (and I thought it was going to be a lot of fun).

Things went so well today, I’m not going to let Stephen Hawking or his ridiculous claim that ‘God wasn’t needed to create the universe’ get under my skin.

He’s free to believe what he wants, it’s unfortunate though, because I don’t think the alloy used in his chair can withstand intense heat.