We Have Keys!!!

What a fantastic day!

We completed the final steps of the process this morning and by 9:30 we had the keys to the house in hand. We spent a little bit of time sitting on the front porch of the new house reflecting on the fact that everything is possible when you put your faith in God. We never had any doubt that He would help guide us through this entire process. We prayed every day and night, we had friends praying (thanks!!), and our prayers were answered.


The photo above is a simple panorama of the backyard from the deck of the house. It’s not the best photo, but it shows you how gorgeous the backyard is.

After coming back to the old house, loading a few things in the truck, and dropping them off at the new house, we stopped by our church for the noon Mass, so we could say a special thanks to God for blessing us with this new home.

This afternoon I spent a few hours calling all the utility companies coordinating them to be turned on, and while I was on the phone the boys packed about a dozen more boxes, so we decided to load them up and take them over to the house.

We got there just before 5, and we spent the evening at the new house, unloading boxes, planning furniture placement (so I know where to put everything when we bring it into the house), and then attempting to order pizza. That’s when we hit our first glitch.

We live a few miles out of the delivery radius for Papa Johns, Dominos, and Pizza Hut. That’s right. NO PIZZA DELIVERY AT THE NEW HOUSE. That might have been a deal breaker, except I do have the Pizza Hut iPhone App, so I could order the pizza and then go pick it up. No biggie, since I needed a quick moving break anyway.

As we were relaxing tonight we were already discussing the house warming party. We plan on inviting some close friends and family and enjoying an afternoon and evening with some delicious food from Iron Horse BBQ. At least that’s the plan as of right now.

Now I’m off to collapse. I have a few more phone calls to make tomorrow, then I have to figure out how my “work day” is going to be handled during the move. Until tomorrow… Zzzzzzzz…

One thought on “We Have Keys!!!

  1. Michael, I’m still in awe of how quickly your prayers were answered. Our pastor was making that very point in his message last night – that God is fast with his blessings! Your situation proves that but it’s still an amazing thing to behold.

    I hope that your plans for a house-warming hold b/c I would love to see your new place and celebrate with you & your family. Be sure to let us know what you would like for gifts! Seeds for the upcoming garden, maybe? :>

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