Nothing To Report

Today was an otherwise uneventful day. We are waiting to hear some news on a couple places to live, you know, because the mortgage company has decided they can make more money from the sale of our house on the courthouse steps than they can if I take the next couple decades paying for it.

Speaking of those who would rather kick my family to the curb than work with us to resolve this obvious paperwork error, I received another letter from the mortgage company yesterday. They are still “calling the note” and now it’s about $400+ dollars more than it was last week. It’s amazing how those artificial costs keep mounting day by day.

On a brighter note, I discovered Newsradio on Netflix Instant Play tonight, so I am settling in to watch the first 5 or 6 episodes tonight. What did we do when we couldn’t summon shows to watch on demand? Hopefully we haven’t been too spoiled by technology.

Oh that reminds me, I need to charge my iPhone so I don’t miss any messages tomorrow. 😉