The Right To Collect More

Things are a bit hectic around here.

We finally heard from the mortgage company about re-instatement of our “non-existent” loan. We’ve contacted an attorney to aid us in this process, but it doesn’t look like anything is going to happen quick enough to keep us in the house. Evaluating and choosing an attorney for your needs and learning about your legal issues can be overwhelming, but from LexisNexis has great resources to help you.

The letter from the attorney for the mortgage company states the amount required to re-instate the loan, but with a big disclaimer at the bottom that reads, “The above figures were provided by our client and are subject to final verification. Our client reserves the right to collect additional amounts necessary to complete the reinstatement.

The right to collect additional amounts necessary to complete the reinstatement? Excuse me? What do we do if we bust our butts to get the amount they say we need, only to find they want even more? No thanks.

We hear on the news everyday about people walking away from their homes. What about those who are being kicked to the curb because of paperwork glitches like this?

We’re taking a few days to weigh our options. The only thing we know for sure, is that we probably won’t be living here much longer.

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