Tomorrow’s The Big Day!

Tomorrow is primary day here in Georgia. It’s been a long and grueling campaign for some candidates, while a couple of incumbents have skated by with no opposition.

Whether you are a registered Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, or independent (like me), make sure you get out there tomorrow and vote. Mid-term elections are notorious for extremely low voter turnout, and your vote could literally make the difference whether or not your candidate makes it to the general election.

I voted last Friday afternoon, so I could sit home tomorrow and watch the exit polls and keep my eye glued to the election returns. People say it all the time, but this year is probably the most important mid-term election of my generation (and I am not that young anymore). With out-of-control spending, an out-of-control Congress, and an egomaniacal out-of-control President, we need to elect candidates that will get our country back on track and stop the downward spiral our country is taking.

I am confident that many of the candidates I voted for will win their primary campaigns, and I look forward to voting for them again in the upcoming general election. Once we get this mid-term cycle straightened out, we can all focus on 2012!

My new bumpersticker