78 Days Later: The DeepWater Horizon Oil Spill

Oil Is Not Hazardous

Oil in the water is making workers sick. Oil in your water, would make you sick. Yet, oil in a landfill is “not considered hazardous”.

Tons of oil-contaminated sand and debris arrived in a convoy of Waste Management trucks at Magnolia Landfill on Friday, a scene repeated at other landfills in the region.

Scott Hughes, spokesman for the Alabama Department of Environmental Management, said Friday that three landfills in the state — Magnolia, Chastang in Mount Vernon, and Allied Waste Services Timberlands in Brewton — had been approved by the agency to take oil waste scraped and cleared from beaches.

Various forms of oil — tarballs, mousse, patties and globs — continue to be removed from shorelines by heavy equipment and by crews armed with shovels and plastic bags.

Late this week, oil struck all 32 miles of Gulf-front beaches in Baldwin County.

Hughes said the waste is not considered hazardous, by landfill standards.

How long do you think it will be until someone announces the bags containing the oil have been breached and the ground water has been contaminated with… get this… oil?

There Is No Clean Water

The farther out you travel, the more oil you find. Is there any clean water remaining in the Gulf of Mexico?


Corexit May Be Damaging Our Food Supply

Check out these two videos, then check your own backyard.



Oil Is Seeping Into Lake Pontchartrain

Because of the ineffective leadership in the White House, this beautiful body of water is at risk.

For the first time since the accident, oil from the ruptured well is seeping into Lake Pontchartrain, threatening another environmental disaster for the huge body of water that was rescued from pollution in 1990s to become, once more, a bountiful fishing ground and a popular spot for boating and swimming.

Five Million Buoyant Particles

Check out this research from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.


Fire In Your Throat

What happens if you don’t use a respirator down near the Gulf?


Mr. Sandman, Bring Me The Truth

Is BP trucking in sand to cover up the truth? Sounds like a sand job to me.


I wonder what would be happening right now if the Obama Administration had actually started working in the Gulf rather than the golf course two months ago.

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