Waiting Patiently For Tomorrow

Tomorrow is going to be a big day.

We’re taking a short trip down to Glennville, Georgia to observe a flock of Swallow-Tailed Kites that will be foraging on June bugs. Each year the Swallow-Tailed Kites forage as a flock as they fatten up before their migration to South America.

We’ll be driving several hours (each way) to see this rare occurrence, and we’re all so excited we can hardly stand it.

Great Egret


Of course, this one of my latest photos of a Great Egret, not a Swallow-Tailed Kite, but I should have some decent photos of the Kites to post by Monday.

That Rain Doesn’t Belong To You!

I am taking a break tonight, but you need to read this article.

Collecting rain in a rain barrel may be illegal in your state.

Many of the freedoms we enjoy here in the U.S. are quickly eroding as the nation transforms from the land of the free into the land of the enslaved, but what I’m about to share with you takes the assault on our freedoms to a whole new level. You may not be aware of this, but many Western states, including Utah, Washington and Colorado, have long outlawed individuals from collecting rainwater on their own properties because, according to officials, that rain belongs to someone else.

Read more at Natural News.

Ignoring The Truth For 15 Minutes

While attempting to prove she has “overcome” her racism toward white farmers, Shirley Sherrod has now taken the next obvious step along her path to self-destruction. She is planning on suing Andrew Breitbart because the Obama administration over reacted and fired her innappropriately.

Ousted Agriculture Department employee Shirley Sherrod said Thursday she will sue a conservative blogger who posted a video edited in a way that made her appear racist.

Sherrod was forced to resign last week as director of rural development in Georgia after Andrew Breitbart posted the edited video online. In the full video, Sherrod, who is black, spoke to a local NAACP group about racial reconciliation and overcoming her initial reluctance to help a white farmer.

Why is Sherrod suing Breitbart? His video was used to criticize the NAACP, not Sherrod. Is it his fault that the Obama administration is so scared of racial issues that they were trigger happy when they fired her? No, it’s not.

Personally, I am sick of this story, and this will be the last time I post anything about Shirley Sherrod, or her racist husband, Charles.

The video shows her making the statements she made, and the crowd reacting the way they did. Period. She’s a moron for suing Breitbart. The truth is the truth, if she can’t handle the truth then she never should have been in the position she was in.

Just imagine if a white person had made the same statements about a black farmer, and a white crowd reacted the way the NAACP crowd did. This would be a whole different story and heads would already be served up on platters.

On top of it all, she is going to drag this out into court. For what? Oh, that’s right, she needs her 15 minutes, and this past couple weeks just hasn’t been enough, I guess. Disgusting.

Let’s Fly!

It’s been a couple months since we’ve gone anywhere, other than the E.L. Huie ponds on a birdwatching trip. Tonight, I am planning a trip up to Rome, Georgia. I love the fact we can drive to places less than an hour away to see some of the most magnificent birds around.

Let's Fly!


I was lucky to capture the shot of the Eastern Kingbird shown above. It’s those spontaneous shots that keep me coming back for more.

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Massachusetts Will Soon Be Seeing Red

Did you hear what happened in Massachusetts today?

The Massachusetts Legislature has approved a new law intended to bypass the Electoral College system and ensure that the winner of the presidential election is determined by the national popular vote.

Yes, you read that correctly. The Massachusetts Legislature essentially took the election of the President of the United States out of the hands of the citizens of Massachusetts. You see, no matter who they vote for in the 2012 election, all electoral votes for Massachusetts will be awarded to the candidate which receives the most popular votes, nationwide!

The bill, which passed on a 28-to-9 vote, now heads to Democratic Governor Deval Patrick’s desk. The governor has said in the past that he supports the bill, said his spokeswoman Kim Haberlin.

Under the law, which was enacted by the House last week, all 12 of the state’s electoral votes would be awarded to the candidate who receives the most votes nationally.

This is idea is actually stupid. Plain and simple. If you want to pass a law that awards your electoral votes based on the popular vote within your state, that’s one thing, but this has nothing to do with the people of Massachusetts, or their vote. If the people of Ohio, Florida, or any other swing state end up taking a candidate over the top with the popular vote, the state of Massachusetts is going to award their electoral votes to that candidate, whether or not that candidate did well in the popular vote.

Massachusetts isn’t alone either. Illinois, Hawaii, Maryland, and Washington have also adopted the same law.

I can hardly wait to see the newscasts on election night 2012. When Illinois, Maryland, Hawaii, and Washington are all painted red because the citizens of those states allowed their legislature to elect “the other guy”.

The current Electoral College system is confusing and causes presidential candidates to focus unduly on a handful of battleground states, supporters say. They also say that the popular vote winner has lost in four of the nation’s 56 elections.

Wow. Four times in 56 elections. I can understand some people wanting to abolish the electoral college, but this bill is way over the top. The first time Massachusetts goes red on the map because of this law, the people will stand up and demand it be repealed. Just watch.

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Shirley Sherrod Is Married To Racism

If you pay attention to the news, you’ve heard of Shirley Sherrod by now. There has been a lot of commotion about her and the clip of the speech she gave. Of course, once the entire video was released it didn’t make her look as bad as the clip did (although there is no excuse for the audience’s reaction to her speech).

Well, some people may not think Shirley Sherrod is a racist, but the same cannot be said for her husband, Charles.

What a shame. I actually believed Shirley Sherrod had redeemed herself and didn’t tolerate racism, yet she’s married to it. Believe what you want, but I don’t think Charles Sherrod has any redeeming qualities in this video.

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