Thursday Thoughts

Thought #1

Did you know that the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service has closed, or at least recommended that U.S. Citizens enter at their own risk, a very large piece of land in Southern Arizona. The Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge and the area surrounding it have been closed off, 80 miles north of the Mexican border, because of Mexican drug dealers operating in the area.

According to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife this area is about 3500 acres in size. Our concern for public safety is paramount. The situation in this zone has reached a point where continued public use of the area is not prudent. The Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge has been adversely affected by border-related activities. The international border with Mexico has also become increasingly violent.

That’s right. Land within the United States, along the south side of I-8, 80 miles north of the Mexican border is now closed to Americans.

How long do we ignore the border issue? How long do we wait? Do we wait until they take Tucson? What about Phoenix? This is one of the most ridiculous, yet frightening, things I have ever heard. It’s time we secure the border. Now!

Thought #2

I’m sure you’ve had a chance to watch President Obama’s “energy” speech by now. I bet you had an eerily familiar feeling while watching it, didn’t you?


Thought #3

It looks like an actual cleanup effort is about to begin.

Actor Kevin Costner says having BP use his company’s device to help clean up the Gulf oil spill is “not a Hollywood ending for me.”

BP has contracted with Costner and Ocean Therapy Solutions to use 32 of the centrifuge machines designed to separate oil from water.

The company says the device can fit on fishing boats or docks, where it can separate 200 gallons per minute.

With 32 centrifuges at work, Ocean Therapy Solutions can separate 6,400 gallons of water and oil per minute. Imagine how things would be if Costner and his team were allowed to start helping immediately after the spill began.

I’m already working on tomorrow’s post. I discovered a major security issue on a rather important website this evening. I am not going to discuss it yet, as I am waiting to be contacted by the people running the website, but needless to say I was shocked with the information I was able to uncover.