There’s Plenty Of Blame To Go Around

Isn’t it funny how fingers keep pointing, but nothing is being done? The following quote comes from an article in the New York Times titled, “Documents Show Early Worries About Safety of Rig“.

Internal documents from BP show that there were serious problems and safety concerns with the Deepwater Horizon rig far earlier than those the company described to Congress last week.

The problems involved the well casing and the blowout preventer, which are considered critical pieces in the chain of events that led to the disaster on the rig.

The documents show that in March, after several weeks of problems on the rig, BP was struggling with a loss of “well control.” And as far back as 11 months ago, it was concerned about the well casing and the blowout preventer.

Did BP know there were safety issues? The answer to that question is obvious. But what isn’t so obvious, is what did the government know about these safety concerns.

Oh sure, members of Congress are probably clueless about what was really going on with that oil rig, but how often were government inspectors on that rig? How often did government regulators give the all clear so oil could be pumped through that faulty well casing and the blowout preventer?

I’m not saying BP isn’t at fault. I just find it rather coincidental, and ironic, that the well casing and the blowout preventer failed and caused an explosion of that magnitude just hours after government inspectors left the rig.

As we sit back and watch the live feed of oil spewing from the ocean floor and wait for someone to come up with a solution that works, we need to remember there is plenty of blame to go around. If we’re going to point fingers at BP because of their internal documents, then we better make sure we save a few fingers for the government regulators and inspectors who knew exactly what was going on.