Misreported Law Subject To Much Scrutiny

This week I participated in a poll from Right Wing News for conservative bloggers on the Arizona immigration law, illegals, & legal immigration.

The new Arizona law is probably one of the most, if not the most mis-reported laws I have ever read about. There are so many falsehoods being reported about this law that it makes me laugh. For years, people have complained about the mainstream media and the total lack of facts in many of their reports, yet now many of those same people are using the mainstream media as their source as they lambast this new law.

I highly recommend reading the entire Arizona Immigration Law which you can find at the Arizona State Legislature website. If you would rather download the PDF version or print it out, you can also download the Arizona Immigration Law in that format.

The poll, conducted by John Hawkins at Right Wing News, contained several questions ranging from “Do you approve of Arizona’s new immigration law?” and “Would you like to see your state implement something like Arizona’s new immigration law?” to “Do you believe the fence on our southern border will be completed while Barack Obama is in office?” and “Do you believe Arizona’s new immigration law constitutes racial profiling or discriminates against Hispanic Americans?”

You can find out the results of the poll over at Right Wing News.