You Spin Me Round

The storm that blew through this past weekend brought in a wide assortment of shorebirds to Northwest Georgia. One of those species was the Wilson’s Phalarope.

Phalaropes, meaning coot-foot in Greek, are so labeled because of their partially webbed toes. This unique attribute enables them to spin their bodies on water surfaces creating tiny whirlpools that concentrate their aquatic prey for easy pickings.


I took the boys up to see the shorebirds so we could see the Short-Billed Dowitcher as well as the Baird’s Sandpiper, but the Wilson’s Phalaropes took the show.

We were quite a distance from them (but nearly as far as we’ve been from other birds), so I decided to try my hand at digiscoping them. Digiscoping is using a camera (like my Kodak Zi6) and holding it up to the lens of a spotting scope in the hopes of getting a good photo (or video) of the subject.

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