Catching Up

Bad Hair DayHave you ever had one of those days where time gets away from you and before you know it it’s almost tomorrow?

Yeah, I had one of those days today. Hopefully things will wind down here in the next few days and then I can pretend I am all caught up and have completed all the tasks on my to-do list.

Just for the record, my to-do list has about two dozen items on it. I’ll sell you one of them real cheap! Of course, it could be worse.

Despite President Obama’s pledge that all Americans would be able to keep their health insurance plans, the chief actuary of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) concluded that under ObamaCare, half of all seniors who have Medicare Advantage plans will lose their coverage.

I have some things to take care of tomorrow, including a stop at Kennesaw Mountain. Who knows what I’ll have for you tomorrow.

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