A Disgusting Double Standard

You remember Nidal Hasan don’t you?

He’s the scumbag terrorist who posed as a military psychiatrist who ended up killing 13 people at Fort Hood last year.

During his time “serving” in the U.S. Army, he stated made many statements that could be construed as terroristic, and he even stated that he wanted to murder Christians.

How did the U.S. Army handle the situation? They gave him a promotion. Yes, they promoted him even though they had reports on file that he had made those statements in the past.

You know who Franklin Graham is don’t you?

He’s the son of the one and only Billy Graham, the well-known and legendary evangelist.

It seems Franklin Graham made a statement back in 2001 saying Islam was evil. Then, he dared to voice his opinion again recently by stating that he finds Islam offensive and wants Muslims to know that Jesus Christ died for their sins.

How did the Pentagon handle the situation? They gave him the boot. Yes, they disinvited him from the Army Prayer Day event.

Evangelist Franklin Graham’s invitation to speak at a Pentagon prayer service has been rescinded because his comments about Islam were inappropriate, the Army said Thursday.

Graham, the son famed evangelist Billy Graham, in 2001 described Islam as evil. More recently, he has said he finds Islam offensive and wants Muslims to know that Jesus Christ died for their sins.

Army spokesman Col. Tom Collins said Graham’s remarks were “not appropriate.”

“We’re an all-inclusive military,” Collins said. “We honor all faiths. … Our message to our service and civilian work force is about the need for diversity and appreciation of all faiths.”

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation had raised the objection to Graham’s appearance, citing his past remarks about Islam.

How’s that for you? Your own U.S. Army supported and promoted someone who actually wanted to kill, and did kill, Christians, yet that same U.S. Army thinks Mr. Graham’s opinions (which contained no violent threats or rants) was offensive.


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