Truth Be Told, I Was Ready To Let It Go

Some people don’t know when to quit.

After posting about the deceptive eBay seller on Monday, he sent two more messages yesterday. Again, I need to warn you about language, even though I’m sure you’ve heard it from this type of person before.

The first one stated,

Another day and you are still a JERK. Once again thanks a shitload for NOTHING.

The second one stated,

Do you have any idea in the world what the word “COPY” means? You are one stupid…

Remember, almost all of his abusive rants came rapid fire one after the other, and I only sent two messages at the beginning of the whole ordeal. All I wanted was the product I paid for (which you saw in the photograph that accompanied his auction listing).

Well, I wasn’t in a good mood tonight, so I reported his harassment to eBay customer service.

Apparently they handled everything quietly and quickly on their end. I received an e-mail from eBay just seven hours after my initial complaint telling me that they had taken appropriate action with the seller.

Due to eBay’s privacy policies they could not tell me how it was handled, but they did say it could range from a warning to closing the member’s account.

It’s pretty clear, looking at the image to the left, which direction they took.

The silence today was golden. For the first time in two weeks I didn’t have a headache at all today, and it was nice knowing that the headache known as “Mr. Photocopy” was also history.

After posting my experience two days ago I was ready to let it drop, but he continued his volley of rants, and performed another “user lookup”, although I still don’t know why. He got his money, I got his photocopy, there was nothing for him to be upset about, other than the fact that I called him out on those all important topics known as honesty and integrity.

The truth is, I paid for a Singer repair manual, not a 3-cent knock off of Singer’s official repair manual. The truth is, I expected to get what I paid for. Some people just aren’t honest, they have no idea what integrity is, and they can’t handle the truth.

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