The Postulations And Hypocrisy Continue

Taking the night to read more on the pending health care “debate” in the House. While I do my research, enjoy these topics you might find interesting.

If you want to read the latest release by the Democrats, which seems to be just a set of reconciliation instructions and a copy of the Senate bill, you can visit the House website (PDF). I highly recommend some protection though, as you never know what you might catch while you are there.

Offshore Drilling:

Our secretary of energy pushes bio-refineries and windmills to oil executives at an energy conference as the administration announces a three-year offshore drilling ban.

Isn’t nice to know he’s consistent. President Obama supports energy independence and offshore drilling in Brazil, but not here at home. Hypocrite.

Are you one of the few people out there who are still fooled by this whole health care debacle? If so, just remember that the system they want to put in place is the same type of system that is killing people in the United Kingdom.

Up to 20,000 people have died needlessly early after being denied cancer drugs on the NHS, it was revealed yesterday.

The rationing body NICE has failed to keep a promise to make more life-extending drugs available.

Treatments used widely in the U.S. and Europe have been rejected on grounds of cost-effectiveness, yet patients and their loved ones have seen the NHS waste astronomical sums.

Put that in your syringe and pump it. Wake up people.

More tomorrow.

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