Another Day With The Eagles

Okay, so I didn’t get much done yesterday or today. I cracked a toe on my right foot (that darned footstool jumped out in front of me, really it did), and I didn’t feel like walking all over the backyard today, so we met some of the guys from our local camera club and went to West Point to make photos of the Bald Eagles.

Bald Eagle (1)


The young one was learning how to model,

Bald Eagle (3)


and the parent was looking for lunch.

Bald Eagle (7)


We saw many other birds, including this Great Blue Heron who was learning to dance.

Great Blue Heron (3)


The Double Crested Cormorant offered us some lunch,

Double Crested Cormorant


and after our siesta,



We hit the road and started the drive back home, but we didn’t get too far before we felt like we were being watched.

Red Tailed Hawk (3)


we made it home just before dark, thankful to have spent such a fun day with the guys enjoying some of God’s most magnificent creations. I hope you had a good day too!