Some People Will Say Anything

So, after everything you’ve read in the past week, do you still support John Oxendine for governor of Georgia? You might want to know what he said back in 2003.

During a conference for auto-insurance managers, he said,

“We are a pain in the butt. We are very high-maintenance…. I am not a professional regulator, I am a politician…. I’m going to do what I think is going to get me reelected.”

The, he went on to say,

“you need to realize that you have to find a way to always make me look good in front of the voters.”

People of Georgia, is this really someone you want running your state? Is this the type of person who should be living in the Governor’s Mansion? Can you imagine the other interests and industries he will pressure if he is actually elected to the highest office in the state? Still not convinced?

When speaking about campaign contributions, He insisted he was not allowed to take contributions from insurance companies but he was allowed to collect them from individuals. So he added,

“I’m the incumbent. You all are going to give me money because you’re afraid not to.”

In an attempt to take a step back, he put his foot in it further by responding,

“The article didn’t tell the whole story. I was commenting on the benefits of having an Insurance Commissioner who is elected, not appointed, and that incumbent officials receive contributions from people who have an interest in that office.”

Hello. He was the incumbent, who received contributions from people who had an interest in the office. What a dork.

If you want a governor who will say and do anything to coerce people to make him look good in front of the voters you should vote Oxendine, but if you want a governor who will actually work for the best interests of the state of Georgia, you may want to re-think your choice before you step into the voting booth.

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