Time For A Quiz

I was going to try and take the night off tonight to catch up on some much needed rest. I’ve been working on a project, the house is a mess, I need to get a load of firewood (which involves a lot of lifting and stacking), my sister will be arriving in town tomorrow afternoon, and I’ve had these headaches off and on for two weeks. Instead, what do I do?

I spent hours watching the Winter Olympics. Curling (my favorite), women’s downhill skiing, speed skating, the half-pipe, all of it. Then what did I do? I sat here and watched more curling online, worked a bit on my project, and took the Pew Research Quiz.

I did pretty darned good.

Now that I have reassured myself that I know what the heck is going on, I can relax and go to sleep. That is, if curling isn’t being broadcast at this very moment.

So, how did you do on the quiz?

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One thought on “Time For A Quiz

  1. missed two Michael. The filibuster question and the Dow Jones. I think I was thinking NASDAQ. Not bad though. Did you see the story on how the FED owns more of our debt than China??? How the heck does that work? I’m sick to my stomach everyday about what’s going on and now we have another uphill battle with the “Me Genreation”. Kids, again, getting brainwashed by the Progressives. Get ahold of your kids people and teach them the truth!!!

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