A Snow Day In Georgia

I can’t believe it. We actually got snow. It wasn’t the type that melted on contact nor that aggravating “light dusting” either. We actually got snow!

Note: I will replace the photos in this post with the ones I upload to Flickr, when I get around to uploading them.

It started snowing lightly around 12:00 in the afternoon.

A Full House


Then it started getting heavier at about 1:00pm and kept snowing at a steady pace for the next 4 hours.

Snow In Georgia!


The birds were not happy about the snow in the slightest, although many of them were quite happy we kept the feeders full all day.

American Goldfinch In The Snow


The kids spent more time outside today than they normally do on a nice spring or summer day, and they had a blast. There’s nothing like spending all afternoon playing the snow then coming inside for some nice hot chocolate and a warm dinner.

Although the snow let up a bit and got smaller in smaller in size, it continued to snow until 8:00pm or so. I didn’t go outside to measure after it got dark, but at my least measurement we had received about 5 inches of snow.

Five Inches Of Snow


I’m sure the kids will be ready to hit the door just moments after waking up. We’ll let them too, because they probably won’t see snow like this again for quite some time.

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