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Floyd County - Red-Tailed Hawk (9)I spent the day working on the same project. Some projects seem to go easy with little to no trouble at all, and others seem to be cursed from the start. I’m getting there though. Frozen lines, hard drive failures and everything else aside, I am making progress.

It’s almost 11:30 this evening, so I better hurry and type up some thoughts for the day.

Thought #1

Our local county school board is entertaining the possibility of a “four-day week”. I’ve heard a lot of people talking strategy to cut costs and save money but this has to be one of the worst ideas I have heard yet. There are two reasons why a four-day week for schools is a horrible idea.

The first reason is that fifth day. How many parents will be forced to find a babysitter or all-day child care because they work that day? How many families will be adversely affected by the extra expenses required because the school district thought cutting back one day would save them a lot of money?

The second reason involves the time each student would spend in class each day.

At the high school level that means the students would have 62-minute classes and each school day would last from 8:30 a.m. to 4:50 p.m.

Taking into account that a lot of kids ride the bus, and they have to get up well before that bus arrives, most kids will be walking out the door by 7:15 each morning and not returning home until close to 6:15 each night. I don’t know about you but I have a feeling most kids aren’t going to enjoy being in school (or enroute to or from school) for 11 hours each day. How effective will those classes that end at 4:50pm be for the students?

Don’t forget to factor in the 2 hours of homework and any extra-curricular activities each night too.

Like I said, a four-day school week is a bad idea.

Thought #2

CBS News is running a poll allowing you and I to grade President Obama’s first year in office. As of the time of this post, 64.58% of those grading have given him an F for his handling of the economy. 51.64% have given him an F on foreign policy, 75.02% give him an F for health care, 50.83% give him a D or F for his handling of Afghanistan, and 51.89% give him a D or F for his handling of Iraq.

On the threat of terrorism, 57.55% give him an F. More than 50% give him an F on energy and the environment, and social issues too. 76.04% say he has failed in bipartisanship, which is stunning. He hasn’t done anything in a bipartisan manner, so I think that the other 23.96% of the people are demented.

Overall, 55.42% give him an F for the overall job he has done as President. Factoring in the D grades, 81.18% give him a below average score.

Surprising? Somewhat. I thought the disapproval numbers would be even higher by this point, but then again, it’s only January.

Thought #3

John Hawkins, from Right Wing News, conducted a poll of more than 250 right-of-center bloggers on which candidate they would support if the 2012 Republican primaries were held today. Sixty-nine of us responded. Here are the results:

12) Mike Huckabee: 0% (0 votes)
11) Ron Paul: 1% (1 votes)
10) Newt Gingrich: 3% (2 votes)
9) Haley Barbour: 3% (2 votes)
8) Rick Perry: 4% (3 votes)
7) John Thune: 7% (5 votes)
6) Jeb Bush: 7% (5 votes)
5) Tim Pawlenty: 9% (6 votes)
4) Mitch Daniels: 10% (7 votes)
3) Mitt Romney: 12% (8 votes)
2) Mike Pence: 14% (10 votes)
1) Sarah Palin: 29% (20 votes)

So, which one did I pick? You may think you know, but I bet you can’t guess. Leave me a comment with your guess and tell me who you would have chosen.

Thought #4

For the past several days people have been reporting a Tundra Swan in a pond up in Floyd County, so this afternoon when I got done working I ran the boys up there to see if we could locate it and get some decent photos. Needless to say, we were successful.

Floyd County - Tundra Swan (4)


We were able to get a few good shots of the Tundra Swan, but soon afterward a Red-Tailed Hawk flew over, and well, I just can’t resist a beautiful bird of prey. You can see my set of photos from today’s trip over at Flickr.