Break Time!

After what seemed to be the longest week of the year so far, I am taking a break tomorrow.

The boys and I are getting up early to head out for a fun-filled day of bird watching. We’re planning to hit a few of the more popular birding areas that we haven’t had a chance to explore yet. Who knows what we’ll find.

Gidget will be staying home to play with her new toy, and I’m sure she’ll have a great time without the four of us yelling and screaming while we play Wii Bowling.

While I was catching up with my reading tonight I took a few moments to watch a Jon Stewart clip, on Vinny’s recommendation. Now I recommend that you watch it too.

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One year ago, President Obama signed an executive order to close Guantanamo Bay within one year. Guantanamo Bay is still open. I guess that’s Bush’s fault too, huh?

That’s it for tonight. Hopefully tomorrow night’s post will be filled with photos of birds I’ve seen for the first time.