All It Takes Is Inspiration

I have been woodworking for several years now. Other than photography it’s the only hobby I enjoy. I have an older used lathe that helps me make some oddball creations.

Over the course of the past few years I haven’t really felt like turning any wood. I haven’t carved anything, I haven’t made anything because, well, I just haven’t felt inspired. Until tonight.

Gidget was watching a documentary on PBS, Emile Norman: By His Own Design. She called me into the room to see some of the pieces he created, and I was stunned. Actually, I was floored. He was a creative genius, and lived his life doing what he loved. Creating art.

I was immediately inspired by his attitude, his outlook on life, and most of all, the meticulous detail in his work. For the first time in two years I know what I want to do the next time I walk out to the garage (other than cleaning it so I can get to my woodworking area again). I have so many ideas in mind I think I am going to have to write them all down in my moleskine so I don’t forget.

I watched the entire documentary with Gidget, and was awe-struck. I told her I was going to be upset if they told us he had died at the end of the documentary. It’s not often that one person can inspire another just by telling their own story. When we finished watching the show, I immediately searched his name on the Internet. I wanted to see more of his work, because the inspiration from seeing the works on the documentary were like a drug and I wanted more.

Emile Norman died on September 24th, 2009 from natural causes. He was 91. Emile Norman was a painter, a sculptor, who had a passion for life, art, nature and freedom. I am sure he inspired everyone he met. He has truly inspired me and it won’t be long until I post something here for you to see. Who knows, you may even be able to tell what it is on first glance.

They weren’t teaching me what I needed to know. Art is an individual thing… you can’t learn it from a book.
Emile Norman