Once Again, We Were Victims Of Hype

Today was supposed to be a snow day. Although it did snow, I don’t think the amount of snow we received was worth all the hype that led up to it.

All week we were told we would receive one to two inches of snow. Granted, any snow in the Atlanta area is newsworthy, but they hyped the snow coming, they hyped the “Alberta Clipper” coming down from Canada, they hyped it and told us all to prepare. You would have thought the world was ending.

We didn’t tell the kids that there was snow in the forecast, because we didn’t want them to get their hopes up if we barely got any snow. While it has snowed almost every year we have lived here, we have only had two “snow events” that are worth calling it an event.

We waited until last night to tell the boys it was going to snow, and the only reason we told them, is we knew they would see it on the news or hear it on the radio anyway. They were excited when they went to bed, and they were excited when they woke up. For three boys born in the South, they were looking forward to a fun snow day.

Early in the day, the weather report still said up to two inches, and they said it would start coming in between 3 and 5. When it started snowing pretty heavily at 1:30pm we all got a little excited. I had prepared for the worst. Having lived in snow country before I knew we were not going to get anything close to what I would consider “a lot”, but knowing how people are down here, I prepared.

This will be my 13th year in Georgia, and I am still constantly amazed by their hype over winter weather.

With the excitement from the boys, and the anticipation of real winter weather for a change, I didn’t have time to focus on anything else in the news so I thought I might just finish this post off on a personal note.

On New Year’s Eve I drank my last soda. I have been a heavy Coca-Cola drinker most of my life. Back in November I decided to cut out the “crap” from my diet. I’m not drastically changing the way I eat, or what I eat, I am just cutting out a few things and including a few others.

Today marks my seventh day with no soda of any kind, no high-fructose corn syrup, and nothing with anything hydrogenated. Eliminating the soda from my daily diet has made staying within my calorie count much easier. In fact, since the first of the month I haven’t even come close to going over in calories.

I started watching my total calorie intake on November 1. I lost 9 pounds before the first of the year, and one pound since. I hope to lose a total of 25 – 30 pounds before March 1, so I have 15 – 20 pounds to go. It’s amazing how much difference it can make by cutting out just a few simple items.