2010. Time To Align Your Compass

Earlier today, Vinny reminded everyone that he is a right-leaning libertarian type guy.

I thought I would take a few moments and complete the test to see if I am still a right-leaning libertarian as well. Sure enough, I am still a right-leaning libertarian. I just lean a bit farther to the right and my ‘l’ is a little bit larger than Vinny’s.

If you click the compass image you can visit the Political Compass site and take the test too.

After taking the test, I thought I compare my position with that of the different world leaders, as reported by the site with the test. Here’s my compass with their positions overlaid on top of it.

One of my favorite composers is Tchaikovsky, and it’s ironic because I am closer to him than any other composer on the compass. But the one thing I found the most ironic, is when I charted every elected senator in the United States with myself, it became clear why I don’t ever agree with any of them most of the time.

It looks like 2010 is going to be an interesting year, and I am interested where you sit on the compass. Take a moment to visit their site and take the test, then come back and let me know. Vinny and I cannot be the only people hanging out here in right-leaning libertarian land.

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