Goodbye 2009!

2009 was a year full of unexpected events.

In January, I was laid off from the job I had for more than 10 years. I busted my ass for that company only to be stabbed in the back and thrown into the river. Luckily I can swim and I made it to shore safely.

During February and March I jumped through every hoop that the Department of Labor, prospective employers, and job recruiters held up. I can’t believe I jumped through so many hoops only to discover there were about 400 other people jumping through each hoop with me.

In April I laid the ground work for ramping up my own business again. I have always done side work in the past, so it was only natural to bring my own business off the side burner onto the main fire.

May saw a scare with cancer for my mother-in-law, and lots of stress for us all as a family. June and July were fun, as the boys and I began expanding our photographic interests and joined the Sweetwater Camera Club.

August was a whirlwind, as I hustled to read HR 3200 and offer a plain English summary of the entire thing only to discover there would be many other versions of health care reform printed on thousands of dead trees before the year ended.

In September there was a Tea Party where I met a lot of great people, the same people I plan on working with to help organize the next one.

In October we saw the introduction of HR 3962, while in November we saw its passage even though two-thirds of the American people were against it.

Things didn’t turn around in December either as the U.S. Senate followed suit and passed their own version (HR 3590) of health care “reform” too.

It’s been a hard year, but I’m looking forward to a great (and hopeffully smoother) 2010. Thanks for stopping by to read what I have to say, sometimes I just have something I need to get off my chest.

So to all of you, I wish you a Happy New Year!