Character, Catastrophies, Coordination, & Contradictions

Thought #1

Finally, people worldwide are realizing the true character of The Failed One®.

Nicolas Sarkozy, the most pro-American president of France for half a century, has gone cold on Barack Obama, the most popular American leader in France in generations.

Nicolas Sarkozy is not the only one. Check out this very short video of The Failed One® getting snubbed by Russian leaders.

Wow. Talk about a kick in the pants.

Thought #2

It took the President three days to come up with this?

President Barack Obama said Tuesday that the intelligence community had bits of information that should have been pieced together that would have triggered “red flags” and possibly prevented the Christmas Day attempted terror attack on a Detroit-bound airliner.

“There was a mix of human and systemic failures that contributed to this potential catastrophic breach of security,” Obama said.

Is he serious? Three days? What was the hold up? Was his staff scurrying around trying to think of the perfect response or did he have his head stuck in the sand the entire time?

It’s nice to know, in light of this three day delay, that the President and his staff are so well prepared. His poise, his personality and his professionalism seem to be lacking something. Maybe that’s why the Russians refused to shake his hand.

Thought #3

Now that President Obama’s popularity ratings are in the tank and his ship is sinking fast, I figured it would be just a matter of time before some members of his administration started jumping overboard.

The official in charge of coordinating the U.S. government’s cyber-security operations has quit, saying the expanding control of the National Security Agency over the nation’s computer security efforts poses “threats to our democratic processes.”

“Even from a security standpoint, it is unwise to hand over the security of all government networks to a single organization,” said Rod A. Beckstrom, the head of the Department of Homeland Security’s National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) when speaking to United Press International.

Rod A. Beckstrom wasn’t in the highest levels of the administration, but then again the water hasn’t risen that far yet, has it?

Thought #4

Why don’t any of the biographies of President Obama mention him attending at least part of the 3rd grade in Hawaii?

A California chiropractor, Scott Inoue, is circulating a photo allegedly showing him and Barack Obama that was taken in 1969 while they were in the third-grade in Hawaii at Noelani Elementary School. The picture is was labeled “Scott & Barry 3rd grade 1969” by Inoue’s mother. Strangely, Barry Soetoro (Barack Obama) is not known to have ever attended Noelani Elementary School. According to many well publicized biographies, Young Obama was in Indonesia from 1967 through 1971. Barry is also a head taller than his classmate. Mr. Inoue sent an enlarged copy to President Obama. He signed it and returned it with a thank you note. Hmm…

Of course, it’s possible that he and his family returned to Hawaii for a short (extended) visit and he attended school while they were there. Then again, it’s also possible that this is just another one of many contradictions that keep flying in the face of one Barack Hussein Obama.

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