Well, That Went Well…

Our heads finally hit the pillows around 3:30 yesterday morning. While my preparations for dinner were right on time, we had a few delays getting some things wrapped, and planning the reveal of ‘The Kitty’.

We set our alarm for 7:00 am so we could get her into her spacious kennel and get her ready to meet her boy. We rolled out of bed at 7:15, and I took the dogs out and the cat was placed under the tree. Within minutes of taking the dogs out, Josh woke up.

After a 5 minute delay while he made his bed (I can’t believe he actually made his bed before he checked out his presents under the tree), he stumbled into the living room. As he entered the room, she called out. In his sleepy mind he thought he heard a bird. Then he heard her again. He was bewildered about the noise he was hearing, and I told him to walk over to the back door to see if he could see what he was hearing.

He walked right by the kennel, then she called out again. He looked down, saw the giant tag on the kennel, and almost started crying. He couldn’t believe that ‘Santa’ brought him a cat for Christmas.

After spending five minutes with her, he gave her a name.

Meet Amelia.


Welcoming her to the family couldn’t have gone any better, in fact, it was the perfect Christmas morning, at least it was until moments after this photo was taken.

In my infinite wisdom, things were going well so I decided it was time for Amelia to meet Chuck and Stitches. Needless to say, that was a very bad idea.

Amelia was laying next to Josh as the dogs rounded the couch coming to greet the boys. I realized that Amelia was not going to handle things very well, so I moved between her and Josh. As I moved one way, Stitches (the Cairn Terrier) moved the other way, and Amelia freaked. She freaked all over me. She bit my finger, then sliced it wide open with her claws. As I tried to move away from the boys and I raised my hands to get away from her, she latched on to my left hand in the palm with her front claws and my right palm with her back claws. She tore down my right leg, claws still extended, and the dogs followed her into the kitchen.

All of this took place in 2.4 seconds. After which I was leaving a blood trail to the kitchen sink, and she was sitting more than 6 feet off the floor (and 30 feet away) on a shelf of knicknacks just 4 inches wide. It’s a miracle that she didn’t break a thing.

I stopped the bleeding almost immediately, although by that time I was already going to pass out. I barely made my way to our bed while keeping pressure on my finger. After several minutes I was able to sit up, bandage the finger, and continue on with my day. (Don’t worry, she is current on her shots so there is no worry that I may start foaming at the mouth. Well, no more than normal anyway).

The first item on the agenda was putting the dogs outside for the day while we planned a little space management. We put a pet gate up in the boys hallway giving Amelia access to the two oldest boys’ bedrooms, the hallway, and their bathroom.

Once we got her settled, we spent the day cooking delicious food, enjoying the company of my mother and our friend Bill, and watching the boys play sports games on their new Nintendo Wii. We missed having my sister here, and we all decided tonight that we cannot allow that to happen again in the future. From now on, if she can’t come here, we’re all going there.

By 7:00 pm I was ready (and my finger was healed enough) to re-introduce the cat to the dogs with a nice sturdy divider between them. This evenings introduction went much smoother than our attempt this morning, as the dogs were exhausted from running all day and Amelia was quite content in her castle (also known as Josh’s room).

As I sit here finishing this post tonight, my finger is still slightly numb where she sliced it, and the scratches on my palms are burning like crazy. I am keeping everything nice and clean with an antiseptic and Neosporin is my new best friend.

I realized as I was typing tonight, that the last time we saw George he bit me on the same finger Amelia ripped into this morning. Is that fate or what?

I hope you enjoyed the day with your family and friends, and I hope you had a very Merry Christmas.