Twas The Night Before Christmas…

As many of you know it’s been a tough year around here. I was laid off in the first two weeks of the year and although it’s been a rough ride, I really cannot complain. I have my health, I have a wonderful family, I have great friends, and most of all I have a great God.

With so much uncertainty facing us earlier this year, we used what little money we had to get a couple nice things for the boys just in case things were really tight. It turns out that wasn’t such a bad idea.

The best present of the season, however, didn’t cost an arm or a leg. In fact, tomorrow morning our oldest son will awaken to a special gift from ‘Santa’ that he’s been wanting for more than two years.

Meet ‘The Kitty’.


She’s a “shelter cat” that was going to spend Christmas alone at the Carroll County Animal Shelter, and well, to be honest, we just couldn’t let that happen. Not this year.

Five years ago, on Halloween, our cat George disappeared into the night. He was acting funny all day, lounging around the house. He never just ‘laid around’ and when I picked him up to see what was going on with him, he bit me on my index finger and ran out the door as the kids were coming in. We searched for him late into the night and the next day, but we never saw him again.

Not long after George disappeared, when Josh realized the cat probably wasn’t coming back, he asked for a new kitten. We resisted temptation at the time, hoping his desire for a new cat would fade in time. It didn’t. He has asked for a kitten off and on for the past five years.

We took care of a neighborhood cat for a while (Oreo) but she set off Gidget’s allergies really bad, so she went to live on a farm with someone in Alabama so she could mouse all she wanted too. Josh didn’t bond with Oreo, but the short time she was in our lives made him want another cat even more.

This year, knowing our financial situation, Josh asked for just three small items. He didn’t ask for anything more than a birding book, and two small lego sets he had his eye on. When he first sat down to write his list though, he thought of adding a cat, but changed his mind at the last minute.

It seemed almost as if he had given up on a dream, or at least that one special Christmas wish he had been hoping for. That’s when we caved. An eleven year old should never give up on their dreams or lose hope at Christmas time. Especially not my eleven year old.

Tomorrow morning he will awaken to the sounds of dainty little cat calling out from a spacious kennel underneath the Christmas tree and his dream will come true.

Tomorrow he will spend the day cuddling his new found love and his hope for the future will be restored.

Tomorrow night I will lay in bed and thank God for sending us his own son, and for allowing me to live a life full of happiness and joy, with friends and family, with the ability to make my sons dreams come true.

That my friends, is what Christmas is all about.