Compromise In The Form Of Bribery

This evening the U.S. Senate is debating the health care reform bill. In a little over an hour, Senate Majority Leader Scary Harry Reid and his colleagues in the ‘Cash 4 Cloture’ party will vote on this bill which will completely re-define health care in our country.

This bill will raise our taxes, raise our premiums, lower our standard of care, and most of all, violate our rights as U.S. citizens. We cannot allow this bill to pass, and if it does, it’s up to us to hold those who voted for it accountable in future elections.

Bernie Sanders, who was against the bill just a few days ago, is now all for it. Why?

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), took credit for $10 billion in new funding for community health centers, while denying it was a “sweetheart deal.”

Ben Nelson of Nebraska sold his soul to Scary Harry for the right price as well.

Nelson and Sen. Carl Levin (D-Mich.) carved out an exemption for non-profit insurers in their states from a hefty excise tax. Similar insurers in the other 48 states will pay the tax.

Ben Nelson’s constituents won’t be paying that excise tax. The rest of us are royally screwed. Thanks Ben!

It doesn’t stop there.

Vermont and Massachusetts were given additional Medicaid funding, another plus for Sanders and Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) Three states – Pennsylvania, New York and Florida – all won protections for their Medicare Advantage beneficiaries at a time when the program is facing cuts nationwide.

All of this came on top of a $300 million increase for Medicaid in Louisiana, designed to win the vote of Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu.

For months I have heard the term “moderate” Democrat, yet tonight I realize there is no such thing. Apparently all of the Democrats in the Senate are the same, some just know how to squeeze money from the Reid money tree.

Harry Reid actually thinks bribing senators for their votes is what legislating is all about.

You’ll find a number of states that are treated differently than other states. That’s what legislating is all about. It’s compromise

He buys their votes for BILLIONS of dollars and he calls it compromise? If this much money changed hands with so few senators, can you imagine what the floor of the House is going to look like when they put the two bills together in conference?

I don’t think my wallet can take it.

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