What Do You Do Without The Internet?

A slow night blogging means I had a busy day getting things done, right? Yeah, sure, I’ll go with that story, for now anyway.

The AT&T guy came out today because my DSL was out most of the day and night yesterday. By the time I woke up today it was working, but he said there was a problem in the line. He worked on the box outside my house, he worked on the box that’s located miles away in town, and came back to tell me it was fixed.

It was so nice to have DSL back, while it lasted. Around 3:15 it died again. I called the tech directly and he stopped by before he ended his shift for the day. While he was here, he replaced my modem. Talk about problem solving.

I didn’t get nearly as much done today as I had planned, but otherwise it was a great day.

This is what it looked like outside this afternoon. In fact, this was the clearest it got all day.

I hope to get more done tomorrow during the day, and I hope to have more time in the evening to post about the things I’ve been stacking up to talk about, but tonight I am tired, so I am going to sleep before 2 am for the first time in weeks.