A Walk In The Park

I sure hope this posts. We lost internet access here at the house sometime before 10:00 this morning.

Talk about a crazy day. How do you work on webpages, monitor sites, perform server administration, and keep in touch with clients via email without internet access in your office?

You use the iPhone of course. I stayed in touch all day. I tested several changes I made on a project, and I was able to monitor all of the sites and servers that needed my attention today.

Of course, it was no walk in the park, but then again, it was a completely fogged in day, and that probably has something to do with our internet access.

Great Blue Heron

The internet has dropped three times since I began this post, so I am going to hit publish and call it a night.

I’ll catch up with everything when I can actually look at it on my MacBook tomorrow.

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