It’s Time To Pick Up The Phone

I’m afraid you’re going to have wait one more night before I start my review of the Senate health care bill. I had a busy day today, an image group meeting tonight, and I just haven’t had time to finish reading the bill. Did you get a chance to read it?

I should be far enough along in the bill by tomorrow to begin my review. Word has it that the vote to proceed, or cloture vote, will be held around 8pm on Saturday evening. It’s time to contact your senators and tell them that a vote for cloture is a vote for the bill, plain and simple.

It’s not difficult to see the difference between liberals and conservatives in the Senate, even on Twitter, take these two tweets for example:

While the rest of us debate health care reform, and most of us (yes the majority of Americans are against this version of health care reform) fight to make sure this bill is not passed into law, Democrats like Claire McCaskill (D-MO) seem to be obsessed with Sarah Palin.

It seems to me that Senate Democrats are using smoke screens and diversions in an attempt to keep you, yes you, and everyone else from learning what’s really in the bill, or even when the bill will be voted on.

Keep in mind that Harry Reid is already up to his old dirty tricks, and this newest version of the bill contains a required monthly fee to fund abortions to those who seek them.

That’s it for tonight, I have some reading to do.