A Quick Smack Should Do The Trick

I’m in a mood tonight. I am not going to go into details but I must get this off my chest or I won’t be able to focus on anything for the rest of the evening.

I was at a meeting today when a speaker began to name drop. He mentioned his friendship with one person, his association with another couple, and his ongoing “professional” partnership with another. He spoke for so long I thought for sure we’d see the Spring Equinox come and go before he finished.

That being said, I don’t normally have an issue with someone name dropping. If you are a professional and you’re good at what you do, it’s understandable that you may know people within your industry and associate with them. Duh.

None of this applied to the person in question today. By the end of his speech it was clear he only knew those people because he bought his way into the industry and his thoughts, opinions, and “advice” wasn’t worth a dime to anyone listening.

If you’re good at what you do and you’ve spent years learning your craft, you shouldn’t need to name drop when speaking about your craft. The next time someone begins to name drop, I think I’m just going to smack the person upside the head and get it out of my system.

Anyway, how was your day?

Thought #1

It appears President Obama had another rough day. The turmoil of making a big-boy decision must really be tearing him apart.

President Barack Obama does not plan to accept any of the Afghanistan war options presented by his national security team, pushing instead for revisions to clarify how and when U.S. troops would turn over responsibility to the Afghan government, a senior administration official said Wednesday.

That stance comes in the midst of forceful reservations about a possible troop buildup from the U.S. ambassador in Afghanistan, Karl Eikenberry, according to a second top administration official.

Get over it Barry. Send the troops we need to get the job done. The longer you wait, the more American service members will die, and it’s not right to all their families to be torn apart because you’re too much of a wuss to make a frickin’ decision.

Thought #2

Nancy Pelosi, aka The Grinch Who Wants To Steal Your Cashflow, said that all she wants for Christmas is healthcare reform. Does she have a new round of Botox injections lined up or what? You’d think someone like her would want world peace, good will toward men, or something along those lines.

All House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) wants for Christmas is healthcare reform.

The speaker told constituents yesterday that she wants to finish health reform as a “Christmas present” for the country.

“I’m hopeful that we will have a bill as a Christmas present for the American people,” Pelosi said, according to KCBS. “But we will have a bill and it will be soon.”

What ever happened to the traditional lump of coal? I’d rather receive that in my stocking than this health care reform bill.

That’s it. Two thoughts tonight. I’m still steaming about the events earlier today and I need time to cool down, so I am going to go slap my butt into my favorite chair and watch some television.

Thank God tomorrow is Friday.