Steroids, Shame, & Secrets

I’ll be posting more about HR3962 soon, it’s taking a while to get through it all and digest so much information.

Thought #1

The other day I told you about the President’s plan to erode capitalism in the United States. It seems even some Democrats think the idea is outrageous.

Lawmakers from both parties are attacking a White House proposal that would grant the federal government sweeping powers to wind down financial firms – an authority one Democrat derided as “TARP on steroids.”

“Let’s not adopt ‘TARP on steroids,’” Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) said in a release before the hearing started.

TARP on sterioids? TARP was a bust anyway. Imagine the roid rage.

Thought #2

President Obama should be ashamed of himself for making a trip to Dover Delaware Air Force Base for a public relations stunt.

Eighteen of our bravest citizens, who paid the ultimate sacrifice, were flown back to the United States this past week, following the same procedure as all of those who have preceeded them. So what was different this time? The President of the United States asked 18 families if he could use their family members as a prop for his photo shoot. 17 of those 18 families refused.

Barack Obama was nearly denied the photo-op he traveled to Dover Air Force Base for early this morning as all but one of the military and civilian families of the fallen refused permission for the media to report on the return of their loved ones.

The sole family to allow media coverage was the family of Sgt. Dale R. Griffin.

According to media reports, Griffin’s casket was the last to be brought off the C-17 cargo plane that carried the bodies of 15 soldiers and 3 DEA agents killed this week in Afghanistan.

It’s one thing to show solemn respect to those who have died, it’s quite another to pack up the White House Press Corps along with their cameras and take them on a field trip over to Delaware at midnight. It’s shameful actually.

Thought #3

Some things never change.

The Justice Department invoked the state secrets privilege Friday to try to stop a lawsuit over Bush-era wiretapping — the first time the Obama administration has done so under its new policy on such cases.

Attorney General Eric Holder announced the decision in a California lawsuit challenging the warrantless wiretapping program begun after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Under the state secrets privilege, the government can have a lawsuit dismissed if hearing the case would jeopardize national security.

Isn’t it amazing? No matter what a candidate says when they are running for office, they really don’t know the reality of the situation until they sit in that chair.