It’s Time To Take Off The Blinders

I’m feeling a bit under the weather today, so I’m relaxing and drinking lots of liquids. Yeah, you needed to know that.

Thought #1

So, you still think President Obama isn’t a hypocrite? He’s had plenty of time to prove otherwise.

Then: “Senator McCain wants to pay for his plan by taxing your health care benefits for the first time in history.”

– Barack Obama, speech in Roanoke, Virginia, October 17, 2008

Now: “This reform will charge insurance plans a fee for their most expensive policies…”

– Barack Obama, address to a joint session of Congress, September 9, 2009

Keep those blinders on man. You’d probably die from shock if you took them off now.

Thought #2

Have you given any thought into how much health care “reform” will cost you?

If your household income is $66,000 a year, slightly above the national average, Obama’s healthcare bill will require you to spend 12 percent of your income — about $8,000 a year or almost $700 a month — to buy health insurance before you get any federal subsidy.

12 percent of your income. In addition to the all the other taxes you pay. And that’s before they apply the real cost of health care. That’s just a projection.

That’s alright though, you have nothing to worry about if you keep those blinders on.

Thought #3

Once upon a time, some Democrats attacked President Bush for the shortage of flu vaccine. Funny how those same critics are silent now that there is a shortage of swine flu vaccine.

Thought #4

What would you do if you went to the hospital for treatment only to find that the “emergency plan” didn’t include you?

In recent years, officials in a host of states and localities, as well as the federal Veterans Health Administration, have been quietly addressing one of medicine’s most troubling questions: Who should get a chance to survive when the number of severely ill people far exceeds the resources needed to treat them all?

Why would officials in a host of states and localities be discussing this at all, “in recent years”? The only way resources would be lacking enough to treat all the severely ill people, is if we allow the federal government to take over health care.

Just wait. Those blinders won’t save you once the actual costs are realized and the government resorts to rationing the care delivered at your community hospital.

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