A Graceful And Magestic Day

We spent the day today over at Sweetwater Creek State Park. As you no doubt know by now, because I have mentioned it before, the boys and I are avid photographers and birders.

We started our day at the annual Sweetwater Camera Club annual BBQ, which was held, ironically, at Picnic Shelter #2 at the state park, just across the main road from one of our favorite birding locations.

We took Gidget with us, so she could meet everyone from the camera club, and after the picnic/bbq we ventured over to our favorite spot. On a normal Saturday we would see osprey, great blue herons, kingfishers, cormorants, geese, ducks, and an occasional hawk. This was no ordinary Saturday.

Soon after arriving, we thought we had spotted an osprey diving across the lake, but when it didn’t hit the water in typical osprey fashion, we took a closer look, and soon realized we were watching something truly magnificent (not saying osprey are not magnificent too).

This is the first bald eagle we have seen at Sweetwater Creek State Park, and we settled in at a spot across the lake from where it was perching on a tree.

It would fly out from the tree, dive down to the water to grab something to eat, and then fly back up into the tree.

When we got home this evening, we phoned in our sighting of the eagle to the rare bird hotline. Overall, we spent about five hours at the park today and we’re already charging our batteries so we can go back tomorrow.