Unrefined Methods & Broken Promises

What a week this has been. Between the perfect storm that came in the form of 15 – 20 inches of rain and the perfect storm known as server mishaps, I am completely exhausted mentally and physically.

After sitting down and relaxing with a few games of chess and some trivia with the kids, I’m settled in enough to share some things I saw today.

Thought #1

It’s pretty clear that some parents don’t trust the new H1N1 vaccine.

In a poll of 1,678 U.S. parents conducted by the University of Michigan’s C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, 40% said they would get their children immunized against the H1N1 virus — even as 54% indicated they would get their kids vaccinated against regular seasonal flu.

About half of the parents who said they’d pass on the H1N1 flu shot for their kids expressed concern about possible side effects of the vaccine.

I don’t trust it. Why would I? The last time the U.S. distributed a Swine Flu vaccine, more people died from the vaccine than died from swine flu itself.

More than 500 people are thought to have developed Guillain-Barre syndrome after receiving the vaccine and 25 died. No one completely understands what causes Guillain-Barre in certain people, but the condition can develop after a bout with infection or following surgery or vaccination. The federal government paid millions in damages to people who developed the condition or their families.

However, the pandemic, which some experts estimated at the time could infect 50 million to 60 million Americans, never unfolded. Only about 200 cases of swine flu and one death were ultimately reported in the U.S., the CDC said.

There might be good reason to be wary. The vaccine has been rushed to market using unrefined methods.

So how many people will suffer adverse effects from the vaccine this time around? Is it worth subjecting yourself, and your kids, to these increased risks?

Thought #2

Barack Obama isn’t going to be able to close Guantanamo Bay by January, like he promised he would. How many promises does this guy have to break before people wise up?

Thought #3

If you don’t buy health insurance under the proposed health care plan, you will be subject to a $1,900 fine. If you fail to pay that fine, you will be charged with a misdemeanor, face up to a year in jail, and an additional $25,000 fine. Yes, this means if you don’t buy health insurance the government can through you in jail.

Thought #4

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) isn’t happy with those measely fines. She wants to make sure that every successful person in America pays an additional tax to cover the health care needs of those who haven’t been quite as succesful.

The House Democratic plan calls for raising income taxes on upper-income people to pay for covering the uninsured. Baucus has instead proposed a tax on high-cost insurance plans worth more than $8,000 for an individual policy and $21,000 for family coverage.

Proponents of the insurance tax, which Obama has endorsed, say it would help to lower health care costs by encouraging people to become more cost-conscious health care consumers.

Isn’t it a given that President Obama has endorsed this additional tax? However that isn’t the funniest part of that article. This is.

If House Democrats adopt the insurance tax, it may help them to reduce the income tax increase that they’ve proposed.

If House Democrats adopt the insurance tax which raises taxes it may help them reduce the income tax increase they’ve proposed. Sorry, an increase is an increase no matter what you call it or where you apply it. The American people will still see tha same (additional) amount come out of their checks and they’ll still remember that it was the House Democrats that screwed them over.

A government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take everything you have.

Barry Goldwater