All We Need Now Are The Monkeys

The great and powerful O has spoken.

I just don’t get it. Why isn’t the mainstream media calling out the President, his administration, and his supporters for the garbage they are spewing on a daily basis?

First, it was the Van Jones debacle. Well, that wasn’t really a debacle, it was a well planned, carefully executed slap to the face of every American. Where was the media? From the moment evidence surfaced that he was nothing more than a radical communist who advocated a total revolution in America, the media should have been all over the story. As you know, they weren’t.

So where were they? Even after the scandal broke and all of the evidence (in his own words, via videos available online) was uncovered, how did mainstream media handle the story? They reported that he was a ‘9/11 truther’ and that he called the Republicans a bad name. That’s it. No mention whatsoever of his radical beliefs, his desire for total anarchy in America, or the fact that all of the evidence against him came out of his own mouth.

Because of that whole mess with Van Jones, or the lack thereof on their part, it didn’t really surprise me when the mainstream media missed the boat on the ACORN sting videos either.

On September 10th the first ACORN video surfaced. ACORN employees in the Baltimore office were caught on video talking with the undercover couple about smuggling young girls into the country for the purpose of prostitution. They even helped the couple learn how to evade paying taxes.

Many people may have thought this video was a one time deal, and in light of that fact, maybe, just maybe, it could have slipped under the radar of the mainstream media. But what about the second video from Washington, D.C? Or the third from New York City?

By now even the most cynical person can see the pattern of corruption at ACORN. Apparently it wasn’t enough for the mainstream media, however, which still wasn’t convinced there was a problem that needed reporting.

I thought for sure, the fourth video from San Bernadino, California would have been “the one” because it dealt with Child Prostitution as well as a “self-defense killing”. Surely these topics would garner the interest of the mainstream media honchos, but on September 15th, Charlie Gibson, the anchor the ABC World News Tonight said he hadn’t even heard of the ACORN scandal.

On September 16th, after the Census Bureau had already terminated their agreement with ACORN and the U.S. Senate had voted to defund them, their chief executive, Bertha Lewis, announced that they were suspending operations and were no longer going to advise new clients until an independent review was completed.

Since that announcement (which also drew very little attention from anyone in the mainstream media), the fifth video from San Diego was released and the U.S. House voted to cut all funds to ACORN.

So where was the mainstream media? Why are they still failing to report it today? Oh sure, some of them have mentioned the scandal, a couple have even discussed the videos. Of course, when doing so you hear words like ‘entrapment’ and other phrases that place the blame for the whole mess on the two people who went undercover to expose the corruption in the first place.

Isn’t that what reporters used to do? Isn’t this the kind of thing the mainstream media is supposed to do? The President announced this weekend that he won’t commit to cutting federal funds from ACORN, and no one is calling him on this either!

What else is the mainstream media going to try to ignore? How bad do things have to get, and how much information has to be released before the mainstream media stops what they are doing to look at what’s really going on?

Maybe they’ll ignore the fact that the White House is using the National Endowment for the Arts to fund political propaganda? Maybe they’ll turn a blind eye to the fact that President Obama has done a 180 on his position and is ready to extend three crucial provisions of the Patriot Act?

There used to be a time when politicians would speak up and expose those who were acting in a manner that was detrimental to our country. There used to be a time when they were willing to do the right thing by exposing the corruption among them and we could trust that those we sent to Washington would actually work to make our country a better place.

There used to be a time when the mainstream media questioned those in our government and kept them on their toes. But these days, however, with the leadership of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid on the Hill, sending politicians to Washington gets us nowhere and asking someone in the mainstream media to do their job is less successful than sending a flock of flying monkeys out to grab a little girl and her dog.

PS: My apologies to the departed Margaret Hamilton for defacing her image in such a way, but I had a point to get across.