Another Day In The (Brown) Bag

Today was a very long day.

I dropped Gidget and the boys off at my mother-in-law’s house this morning so I could attend a Fair Tax Brown Bag Townhall meeting sponsored by Georgia Insurance Commissioner, and candidate for Governor, John Oxendine.

My mother-in-law has been feeling pretty poorly lately so she went to the doctor and they ran a few tests. She has had some serious acid reflux and other type symptoms ever since she finished her radiation therapy a couple months ago. In the process of running tests, the doctor took a biopsy of some tissue while they were looking around to see what’s going on.

She hasn’t received any word from her doctor, but she does have a copy of the test results and we’re not quite sure what it means. The doctor who ran the tests is on vacation for two weeks (what the heck is up with that?), and her other doctor was unavailable this week. It looks like she has a long weekend waiting and wondering what’s wrong with her.

When I arrived at the Douglas County Library, Tim Echols, Oxendine’s campaign manager was hanging a banner out front so people would know they were in the right place. I was happy to know I was in the right place.

I met the President of the Douglas County Republican Women’s Club, Maureen Miller, outside and we discussed the upcoming TEA Party on Monday, September 7th at the Clinton Nature Preserve. I asked her for some of her flyers so I could pass them out this weekend in our area.

The brown bag townhall meeting started right at noon and John Oxendine spoke about his position on the Fair Tax bill and participated in the townhall discussion for roughly 40 minutes. I caught most of the meeting on video and will be posting a few clips over the next couple days when I get time to process it.

We have a birthday party tomorrow (the big 1-0), so we had to run around a bit tonight to get everything we needed for the party. Needless to say we did not walk in the door until about 10 pm, so I am calling it a night.

I’m sure this post is all over the place but I will make up for it when I post more about the townhall meeting in the next few days.