A Dead Line

Funny. I thought I was tired last night from all the running around. It seems I forgot that what should go smoothly doesn’t always do so.

We started the day today cleaning and organizing the classroom. We spent ALL day working on it. Literally.

For the first hour or so, we sorted through items in the basement and I have quite a collection to post on the Carroll County Freecycle group tomorrow. Once we got that stuff moved upstairs I had to repair an electrical outlet that died last year.

It seems the entire line is dead, which is odd because that line runs off of the same circuit as the living room. After realizing it was the entire line I went out the garage and grabbed the electrical wiring. Yes. I just happened to have enough to run a new line.

I disconnected the old line, ran the new line, made the connections and we had power again. That whole job took another couple hours because I had to get into the ceiling of the basement, take out part of the wall and then try to put it all back to normal. I failed at the normal part because I was exhausted.

After a short break I assembled their new desks and helped get everything else organized.

Tomorrow is going to be a great first day of school for them, if Gidget and I can keep our eyes open, that is.